Kara shot

This is a blog about making mistakes.

I believe the most successful people are the ones who went to hell and back, and came out the other side. I believe our greatest failures lead to our greatest moments—cheers to that.

I have a knack for inopportune timing, and really bad luck with cars. I think ellipticals are depressing. Here I write about my many flaws and the friends and family who kindly point it out.


Why do we say the word ‘should’?

I had the most productive morning of my life today. That’s a lie. Not life. Month, maybe. Either way, it was hella productive. I woke up with a case o…

Just show up

Hey can you read my last Instagram post? Was it like, a total snore? I rolled over in bed and scanned the text from my friend Meg. Then I perused her …

Exactly what is your alternative?

“Hi guys!!” I walked into my coffee shop after three days in Pittsburgh. I left my coat upstairs, not needing it for the three strides it took to cros…

What DC looks like

Things could be so much worse

So I’ve been locked out of my apartment for four days. For the record, I did not lose my keys—which, for those of you who know me well, is a…

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For All the F Words
You have flaws. You f-up on a daily basis. And that should be ok.