Kara shot

This is a blog about making mistakes.

I believe the most successful people are the ones who went to hell and back, and came out the other side. I believe our greatest failures lead to our greatest moments—cheers to that.

I have a knack for inopportune timing, and really bad luck with cars. I think ellipticals are depressing. Here I write about my many flaws and the friends and family who kindly point it out.


Why do we say the word ‘should’?

I had the most productive morning of my life today. That’s a lie. Not life. Month, maybe. Either way, it was hella productive. I woke up with a case o…

Just show up

Hey can you read my last Instagram post? Was it like, a total snore? I rolled over in bed and scanned the text from my friend Meg. Then I perused her …

What DC looks like

Things could be so much worse

So I’ve been locked out of my apartment for four days. For the record, I did not lose my keys—which, for those of you who know me well, is a…

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For All the F Words
You have flaws. You f-up on a daily basis. And that should be ok.