Yes, you can beat this. Starting today.

It’s Monday. My favorite day of the week.

I know you’re in your car or on the metro thinking, “Good Lord Kara, what is wrong with you? WHO in their RIGHT MIND loves Mondays!?”

Work with me here.

I treat Mondays like New Year’s Day.

Every seven days, you get the opportunity to start fresh. It does not matter if you spent Sunday watching two entire seasons of White Collar and eating an entire jar of peanut butter. It doesn’t matter if you promised yourself you’d drag your butt to the gym every two hours, on the hour, from the moment you opened your eyes to the time you went to bed, and NEVER MADE IT. That was yesterday. You cannot change what happened yesterday. It’s gone, out of your control, sayonara.

Once, I was talking to my friend Marla about goals, and the idea of New Year’s resolutions came up. “I just don’t understand the point of it!” she said, “If you want to change something about yourself, why would you wait an entire year to do it!?”


It sucks to say this, but there will always be something we don’t like about ourselves.

We’re humans. And even the most narcissistic asshole of a human has a daily habit she wants to erase.

So start.

Don’t wait for New Years (it’s April, for crying out loud. You’re screwed if you plan to wait another eight months.) Don’t wait for the next thirty-day challenge at your gym. Don’t wait until your BFFs promise to go on a diet with you, so the whole lot can convene on what to do in lieu of getting shitfaced on Fridays and eating Shake Shack (Side bar: One opened on my block this month. I’m doomed).

The best thing about time refusing to stand still is it gives us the chance to evolve.

Even if you have been a particular way your entire life, there is no reason today can’t be the day you finally say, “Enough.” If you have been a binge eater, couch potato, quick-to-temper, lazy—WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE—you can change it.

“But Kara! I haven’t been able to open a box of cereal without destroying it in 48 hours for twenty years! There’s no way I’ll be able to—“

Stop. You just explained why you did something in the past. Well no shit Sherlock, it’s in the past. We can’t change the past! We’re talking about TODAY. Why can’t you make a change TODAY?

I’m not saying it’s easy. I have no idea how you’ll do it. I’m sure it will be miserable. And I’m sure some days you will wake up with a lapse of memory, and pour yesterday four bowls of cereal before thinking, “CRAP. I forgot I was supposed to be giving this up!”

I’m just saying it’s possible. I’m trying to open you up to the idea that only you can change you, and if there is a habit you want to break, you don’t need to wait another day to do it.

Waking up every single day and hating something about yourself is a horrible way to live.

If there is an action or habit that makes you scream at yourself, don’t do it! Let Monday be your starting point—the day you distance yourself from the things that make YOU angry with YOU.

It’s a new week. It’s your opportunity for a fresh start.

Go make shit happen.

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