This is your reminder to kick ass today

Go grab your notebook. Or your planner. Or open the notes or reminders section of your phone.

Whatever and however you organize yourself, go get it. Now start writing. Write down every single last thing you have to do today. No matter if you think you have the bandwidth to accomplish it or not. Now start checking those things off, one by one.

You are going to kick ass today.

Do you see that ridiculous and slightly panic-inducing list in front of you? You are going to make that list your bitch. You are going to email the client who ghosted you. You are going to hit the gym even though you can barely walk up steps. You are going to eat healthy food. You are going to leave your desk with an inbox of zero, the gym with shaky-can-barely-stand legs, and your apartment in reputable condition.

I don’t care how little you accomplished last week. It doesn’t matter how many times you spaced out. It doesn’t matter how frustrated you were with yourself yesterday for not doing this or that. Today is a new day. Any setbacks you experienced cannot influence today. The only person with the power to set yourself back today, is you. There are no rules here. There is no written rule that says you can only accomplish so much.

And you know what? It feels really, fucking great to tackle each day head-on. How amazing do you feel when you collapse into bed at night, incredibly exhausted by also incredibly proud of all you accomplished? You deserve that feeling. You should seek that feeling out. But the only way you’ll get there is to suppress your feelings of procrastination or being hungover, tired, or sore. You need to play a little fake-it-til-you-make it with yourself here. Pretend you are well rested and laser focused, and go that to-do list on autopilot.

We gain momentum from feeling proud of ourselves.

Have you ever noticed that the more you have to get done, the more proficient you are? It’s a thing. We get high off checking things off our list. Accomplishing one thing makes us that much more capable of moving to the next. So no matter how badly you don’t want to adult today, no matter how badly your hand is twitching to check your Instagram, Snapachat, or Facebook minified full of status you really don’t care about—DON’T. These things will not make you feel good about yourself. The things you wrote down, the accomplishments you seek, those things will make today great.

There is a world of people underestimating you, and today is your opportunity to take that doubt and shove it in their face.

It could be your parents. It could be your boyfriend, friends, or former coworkers. For every dream and goal you have, you have at least ten people saying you can’t do it. Let today be the first step in proving them wrong. Let them waste their precious time worrying about whether you have or have not accomplished your goals. You have enough shit to focus on to be bothered.

Make today your bitch.

There really is, no better feeling in the world. You guys, I work from home. I know how tempting it is to want to lay in bed all day, watch TV, or efficiently procrastinate by cleaning my room or doing the dishes. It’s never worth it.

You know what your goals are. You can visualize where you want your life to go. Today is the first step in accomplishing every last one of them. Demand your seat at the big boys table. Ask more of yourself. Tell yourself repeatedly that you got this. If you feel yourself fall off, text someone who will hold you accountable and make you get back on your shit.

Go after whatever feeling makes you feel great about yourself. You got this.

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